JOHN WHITE, Chief Marketing Officer, Contributor to Dice Tech News & The Good Men Project, columnist for Inc.com ...

"I met Phil after becoming a reader of his blogs. With thousands of blogs being published on LinkedIn every day, it is a crowded platform. Phil's posts stood out due to his engaging writing style and honest approach.
As a prolific and dedicated blogger myself that has been published over 150 times in the past two years, I am constantly seeking ways to improve my craft. Thus, I identified a small group of top writers who I have turned to for inspiration and to learn from. Phil is at the very top of that group.

One thing that stands out about Phil is his ability to build a community of readers. Any writer can go viral once or collect followers, but it takes a true pro to build a community that keeps coming back to read each and every post. Phil has a demonstrated ability that is noteworthy."

JIM MURRAY, A One Man Crusade Against The Tyranny Of Mediocre Communication, Onwords & Upwords Inc ...

"Achieving true success social or business media is all about your ability to engage. There is an art to creating engaging content across the social media spectrum from long format content to commenting and everything in between.
If you want to learn how to do that to the best of your ability, you need help from someone who is already there, and has the special skills needed to show you the way.

From what I know about Phil Friedman, which is a lot, as both a fan and a colleague, there is no one I know of better equipped to help you get there. Period."


  -- JM (Onwords & Upwords


ANDREW (ANDY) BOOKS, Client Operations Program Manager, University Adjunct Faculty, Columnist and Contributor ... 

"Phil has literary expertise that spans generations. He’s a guy who knows how to write, edit and capture critical thought through the manipulation of the written word, thanks to his technical background as a Senior Editor and consultant within the marine industry. 

That’s not easy to accomplish in today’s world, where anyone who has an idea and a computer can publish instant blogs. Sure, you can type, but can you professionally convey your message effectively and engage your audience? That’s not so easy to do.

Phil can help you cut through the sea of internet mediocrity and rise to the blogging surface. Don't believe me? Check out his resume, blogs and some of his publications. Like a true writer, they speak volumes about his work.

-- AB (Author's Archive)


DONNA-LUISA EVERSLEY, Commercial Business Development & Wordslayer, Management Consulting, Trinidad and Tobago


Phil Friedman is sharp. He has his finger on the pulse of grammar and has an exceptional ability to draw out investigative analysis on any subject area – from my observation.

His pen is clear concise and rhythmic with some humor and sarcasm when needed! The thing I admire Phil for the most is his honest engagement and critical assessment. He can deliver a really tough review and get a teaching session in with very little words, and keep it non personal! That is a feat few can replicate on LinkedIn. It is also a skill as writers we need to cultivate.

As writers we wish to become authors and need to understand the basics and Phil does not get that wrong. He has been my mentor (albeit unknowingly) and my writing has improved based on his feedback to myself and others. I think it would be a great asset to have Phil coach in writing dynamics for improving the quality of our storytelling. Words are powerful and Phil Friedman understands this!


-- DLE (DWordSlayer Blog


LAURA DONNELLY. Donnelly teaches dance and Alexander Technique, as well as project management and editing for writing projects.

I met Phil via the written word. After reading his thought provoking writing and comments on the Publishers and Bloggers discussion group on LinkedIn, I followed his work and contacted him directly.

His professionalism and ethics come through his words. He is clear, concise, and clean in his communications. He is also honest and provides considered commentary, with a nice touch of humor. 


-- LD ( Contact Laura )


JEFFREY STRICKLAND, Senior Principal Analytics Consultant, Author, Speaker, Humalytica... 

An extraordinary communicator, Phil stands out from the crowd with few equals. I met Phil over a year ago after becoming spellbound in his blogs. His ability to engage the reader no matter how complex the topic caught my immediate attention. His matter-of-fact manner of responding to comments in great detail mark him as unique as well.
Echoing others, Phil has amassed a community of readers, and his audience continues to grow steadily. Such is not common among bloggers and speaks to his ability to produce engaging content. As a writer, with over 400 blogs and 22 published books, I recognize excellence in a writer and Phil possesses it.
Phil is also a role model for other writers and is recognized in the LinkedIn community as such. If one is uncomfortable blogging, Phil can help.

 -- JS  ( humalytica.com )

DON KERR, Copywriter & Brand Stretegist, Don Kerr Writes

The work I produce revolves around my belief that effective communication has about it three qualities: Clarity. Simplicity. Wit!

Since first encountering Phil Friedman in the virtual world of LinkedIn and beBee, he impressed me as a kindred spirit. Since our first contact, he has impressed me with a breadth and depth of understanding of the craft, art and mechanics of conversation through the written word.

Access to a keyboard, which is universal, does not imbue an individual with an ability to write. However, if you are someone who wishes to translate your enthusiasm for writing to genuine quality, you will not go wrong in engaging Phil as your guide and teacher.

Of particular note, Phil will offer you practical, no-nonsense guidance allowing you to motivate readers to engage and share. That is a rare ability and one which few possess.

Don is the author of Riding Shotgun, a book for men and the partners they care for. In printing now, soon to be released.)

-- DK  (https://www.bebee.com/bees/don-kerr)



DAVID GRINBERG, Communications Advisor, Writer & Editor 

Phil Friedman is a master wordsmith and outstanding communicator. 

His professional business background and comprehensive communications experience make Phil an ideal educator and trainer for anyone seeking to improve their skills in these fields. 

I highly recommend and admire Phil without reservation.

(David is an independent writer and strategic communications advisor with over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors — including work in the White House, U.S. Congress, federal government agencies, national news media and elsewhere.)

-- DG   ( https://www.bebee.com/bee/dbgrinberg )

KEVIN PASHUK, Chief Information Officer, Appleby College

In business today, a key differentiator for success is skill in communicating – both presenting and writing both for business and this strange platform we call ‘social media’.

The act of writing does not make you a writer. Writing is a craft that for many does not come naturally.

Like all crafts, it is important to learn your skills from someone who demonstrates craftsmanship, not just talk about it.

Phil’s background provides insight and the ability to communicate a clear message in his writing. He can bring out key issues and generate dialog like few I have encountered.

His feedback on my writing has been constructive and has challenged me to be a better communicator on social media. He provides a standard of craftsmanship in his own writing, and is willing and able to help you develop the skills you need to have your writing stand out from the deluge of blather, drivel and rot on social media today.

-- KD  (https://www.bebee.com/bee/kevin-pashuk)